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Meanwhile, for many existing websites, the signs of digital decay are accumulating.Dormancy has been a very common strategy for reducing web-related expenses during the economic downturn, but there really is no such thing as true dormancy.

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There is bound to be something—whether it be the way browsers display your website or simply what’s in style—that will change in the near future and cause you to rethink choices you may be making right now.

And that’s ok, as long as you’re comfortable with your website being a work in progress.

Late check-out can be arranged for DKK 100 per additional hour.

Access to the swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, steam room, and other hotel facilities?

But general web standards ushered in a time of comparative stability—one during which a three-year-old website could conceivably still work and look great on the latest version of Firefox.

Today, even with at least four big players in the browser space, that stability is undermined by the continued use of IE 6.

By far the majority of the hotel's guest rooms are non-smoking.

It is still possible to request a smoking room, but please note there is a limited supply.

Actually, looking at browser optimization in the reverse—in terms of optimizing today’s sites for yesterday’s browsers—might be a more helpful way of illustrating this point.

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