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Users text back giving Trim permission to cancel unwanted subscriptions, and Trim takes care of dropping the services.You can also ask Trim (via SMS or Facebook Messenger) questions such as how much you spent with a certain merchant or what your credit card balance is.“Whatever has some contract length associated with it, we’ll cancel within the terms of that contract.” In addition to managing subscriptions, Clarity Money also looks more holistically at your financial picture, including auto-discovering bills you might be able to lower and opportunities to get a lower credit card rate.

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” As the popularity of subscription services grows, so does consumer frustration over recurring charges they either forgot to cancel or couldn’t shut off due to lack of customer service.

Changing your credit card won’t necessarily stop the charges, because credit card issuers will now update charges to your new credit card automatically.

“They have a bill that’s gone up gradually over the past six months or a year or decade, and they haven’t been paying attention to it.” As a result, Trim has a chatbot that will talk to Comcast for you to negotiate your bill or ask for a one-time credit.

Now in beta for i OS with an Android version coming later in 2017, Clarity Money is a free app that tracks your daily spending and monitors your recurring charges.

“Press the cancel button and a form pops up to fill out.” Dell says the app uses the information it’s already gathered from you and asks for any additional details it needs to cancel services, such as your video streaming subscription or your sock of the month club.

“Whatever is possible to cancel immediately, we cancel immediately,” he says.Truebill is also rolling out a new fee refund feature.“When we see a fee — late fee, overdraft fee, interest charge — we automatically contact the bank or institution and request a refund,” Mokhtarzada says.“The average consumer is not able to avail themselves with an equally powerful engine to help them navigate their financial choices.Our objective is to give consumers that powerful tool or engine and to be their advocate in those choices.” Hiatus is available for i OS (it launched in summer 2016) and has a wait list for Android users.It also sends reminders before you get billed and, with your permission, cancels services on your behalf.

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