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Some people imagine nepotism working very directly my dad taking us round editors' offices and demanding jobs for the children but it was never like that.It was more indirect; when you have a relative who's a successful writer, it's easier to believe that it's possible, that it isn't mad or arrogant to have a stab at it, that it's not an impossible dream but a job like any other.My favourite luxury is having the newspapers delivered.

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And then I have a totally parallel life as a poker player.

I have sponsorship commitments and sometimes I go to a live tournament and do nothing but play poker all day and night. What's the first media you turn to in the mornings?

That's made me a weird lover, but a very understanding one. Most days I'm writing on my own, or drowning under the boring admin of freelance life.

Other days my friend Charlie Skelton is here and we're writing jokes for Heresy; I love working with Charlie.

I didn't consciously "embark on a career in the media", I just wanted to write. When I was 14, I sent a story off to a magazine just like Jo did, and I've still got the acceptance letter framed on my study wall.

I also wanted to impress my father, whose life I found very romantic.

And what were your favourite TV and radio programmes?

I used to love Phillip Hodson's agony uncle phone-in on LBC; I learned everything I know about sex from people who were having terrible trouble with it.

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