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These applications run from 2 to 10 times faster than the former CPU-only versions.

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The appearance (skin) of the Simplified GUI is user-customizable, in that users can create their own designs.

A BOINC Account Manager is an application that manages multiple BOINC project accounts across multiple computers (CPUs) and operating systems.

For information about current distribution needs, contact your local Salvation Army or the Operation Airdrop Facebook page. If you’re pilot or have a plane and want to join Operation Airdrop, contact us HERE.

Our friends and neighbors along the Gulf need our help, and will for days and weeks to come.

With NVIDIA's assistance, some BOINC-based projects (e.g., [email protected], Milky [email protected]) now have applications that run on NVIDIA GPUs using CUDA.

Beginning in October 2009, BOINC added support for the ATI/AMD family of GPUs also.

Account managers were designed for people who are new to BOINC or have several computers participating in several projects.

The account manager concept was conceived and developed jointly by Grid Republic and BOINC. The system takes in account a parameter supplied with the limited number of white-listed projects called RAC (recently acquired credit), and distributes the coin according to the proportion of RAC acquired in the project to the people who are computing in it.

Each whitelisted project gets the same amount of GRC to distribute among its contributors.

Since 1971 AIC has been dedicated to promoting the professional development and recognition of those involved in the management of the construction process.

However, we will be filing as a 501(c)3 organization to hopefully provide deductible expense receipts for your rescue donation.

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