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However, it is also known that certain inorganic particles can have a positive influence on impactstrength, like nanoclays or fine talc in PP or ultrafine-coated precipitate calciumcarbonate in PVC.

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This future market potential is already bigger that the combined gas and drinking water PE market in Germany today.

This opens new market opportunities for the industry, which can be realized through advertisements and public relations work by the leading end-user, in co-operation with other members of the value chain.

The Ring Stiffness data confirmed the high reinforcement obtained on samples: Improved rigidity : 15 to 20% versus very fine talc marketed, Enhanced dimensional stability (reduction of CLTE by 10 to 15%), Improved temperature resistance as measured by HDT, Similar impact performance High performance organic pigments can be used to satisfy the requirements of ASTM D2513.

Lacking an ASTM requirement to be in a specific area of color space, the organic pigment formulas are seen to reach the same area of color space as current commercial pipe with no economic penalty.

But because the devices and joints are prototypes, it will be necessary to re-evaluate the reliability, dependability, durability, environmental and site applicability of each technology using final products intended for sale.

Its effectiveness will be improved by combining the conventional method with the insertion method, rather than executing the insertion method at all renovation work sites.This pipe showed excellent long-term creep strength compared with the PE80 gas pipe or pipes reinforced with other kinds of resin.The results of the technology development satisfied the development targets.What is counter-intuitive about the product is that a reduction in wall thickness would provide a pipe that is tougher.In the light of the findings – and subsequent analysis and evaluation of the observed data – this report has reached the following key conclusions about the relative merits of the different sewer pipe types currently available: In service, flexible pipes perform better than rigid pipes, Buried pipelines need flexibility, Fittings for flexible pipeline systems ensure more reliable connections, Installation of flexible pipeline systems reduces risk to the environment, Flexible sewer pipelines are the sound, long-service option.The DSC appears to be an appropriate method at a reasonable cost to assess a very importantparameter of rigid PVC processing in a very large range of practical formulations without the need of recalibrating the method for each new additive and it will make it possible for the processor to optimise as well the product quality as the process itself.

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