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Painting with oils he meticulously details the grainy beach to contrast with the boat's wooden textures and the ocean's blue waters.

A welcoming sense of tranquility exudes from this painting from Peru.

A fisherman in the foreground prepares to set out into the water while one in the background is already hard at work.

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Passersby stroll along the beach walk beneath palm trees that rustle in the breeze.

Bathed in mist this scene by Antonio Meijueiro is magical as he captures the afternoon light. Pale in the afternoon sun the sandy beach is devoid of color.

Haloed in sunshine the fisherwoman carries octopi in her arms and others are roasting over an open fire.

Finding food cooking and eating are daily aspects of our culture artist Indira Castellon explains. Teodoro Reque Liza creates a visual poem to the sunset painting this calming composition in the realist style to depict a golden sun-kissed seaside.

Along the beach road of Cape Coast pot sellers inhabit these shelters and they also sell vegetables and other foodstuffs the artist muses.

A woman stretches out on the beach for a moment of much-deserved rest.

They appear as spots of color amid the wind and mist.

This enchanting portrait of West Africa comes from William Mawuenyega Agbanavor Jr.

Working in cool colors he captures purple clouds tinged with gold as the sun slips into the sea.

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