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You might be surprised how many knives are in the world; there are knives to plane wood, knives to shear steel, knives to separate particles in industrial process applications.

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Items that accompany, are part of, or are attached to the knife blade (like the bolsters) can have widely varying shapes, arrangements, and purposes.

I use all my own knives and patterns for the illustrations on this page.

In keeping with my commitment to service in my tradecraft and art, it is my goal to create the best single knife maker site on the internet, and it's all thanks to you: the public viewer, knife enthusiast, and aficionado.

You don't make several thousand knives in a career without a lot of experience, thought, and details.

These are the terms that I believe that are most often used, defined, and carried in this field, in contemporary times of the modern English language spoken in the United States of America.

Even in our own country, there are dialectic variations of terminology that can confuse definitions, so this is by no means an exact science.

You might read elsewhere on the internet that it is debatable whether the full tang or the hidden tang is stronger. The full tang has full thickness across the width of the blade at the most critical area, in front of and behind the front bolster location.

On a hidden tang, this is where the blade is ground down and reduced in size and thickness to a shoulder (below).

The following dozen illustrations point out and describe various hand knife components and areas.

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