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One thing is for sure about MGTOWs: they want you to know that they are not losers.Thus, MGTOW: “men going their own way,” and MRA’s: “men’s rights activists.” These men are angry and frustrated with the opposite sex, and instead of turning inward, they spend their time talking about how women are useless except for sex, only worthwhile when they’re in their 20’s, and are generally better in places like Thailand, where many of them have gone to get laid or pick up a bride.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber was also named among the top 100 firms for pro bono hours in American Lawyer’s 2014 National Pro Bono Rankings.

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Youth, Rights & Justice, Oregon's nonprofit law firm for children, is seeking volunteer attorneys, including law firm partners/associates and corporate counsel, who will help some of Oregon's most vulnerable children get the support they need to stay in school, succeed and graduate.

Volunteers will represent youth in education matters.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP proudly announces that the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (LACSN) has recognized the firm with the 2014 Lied Award for Most Pro Bono Hours for a Law Firm.

“It is a great honor to receive this recognition from the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada,” said Lewis Roca Rothgerber partner and pro bono committee chair, Dan R. “Lewis Roca Rothgerber has a longstanding commitment to pro bono dating back almost 50 years ago to our representation of Ernesto Miranda in Miranda v.

There once was a Guardian column ‘Ask a grown-up’ where kids could email questions they wanted ‘a grown-up’ to answer, Richard Curtis said in answer to ‘Why does love hurt? ) ‘When they stop loving you, or you stop loving them, you lose the thing in your life that has made you most happy’ This is a sentiment tha...

The SBLC pro bono project provides opportunities for business transaction lawyers to meet with clients at the SBLC.

Truthfully, the most seamless way to move from the awkward pre-commitment stage and into the full-out exclusive stage is to wait.*If you’re not meeting the kind of people that you are interested in being in a relationship with?

*Are you OPEN & ready to work with your Matchmakers?

The SBLC sets up appointments and runs conflict checks.

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