Orokamono wa aka wo kirau online dating

:) There is one more Christmas surprise we have in store for you.:) But since it's a surprise, we won't be telling you about it yet.

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~ Be sure to check the club out in next few days, and you might spot something interesting.

:) We'd also like to thank the members who joined our Christmas Event this year, there were more participants than expected.

FC would like to thank you for being with us in yet another year! :) And last, but not least, I, Alan Vi Britannia, would like to thank other admins for being amazing comrades in inventing new interesting stuff & ideas for club, and to thank A LOT our Newsletter Squad for being glad & able to devote their time to help us out! FC, the Tournament is still on-hold because the BB-codes are not working properly again. If you can handle some basic photoshop work and if you have free time, please pay a visit here: Member Card Editors needed! :) And last, but not least, as always, we are in search for new additions to our Newsletter delivery team!

We hope though that something will happen at that front soon. If you have free time and good will, take a look @ Newsletter Sign-ups. FC got a total makeover in terms of new layout & display picture lately!

So, if you have FREE TIME and good will to help out, please take a look at Newsletter Recruitment thread.

We'd be happy to have more helpers for this job, as the club is getting bigger and bigger with every day.

:) As always, we are accepting new newsletters delivery members! :) We are sorry for the delay and everything, Admins [Alan mostly] were very busy. We are getting closer and closer to 4000 members [it's still quite far, but well...], so we are all extremely thankful to you, members, for being with us! And last, but not least, as always, we are constantly searching for more newsletter stuff, so we can take off some burden from our existing helpers. topicid=383147 Also we started nominations to choose the best Naruto couples for Valentines day.

If you have free time and good will to help out, please let us know in this thread. We'll try to keep up going strong even in these busy times. If you have free time & good will to help, please leave a message here ---Happy New Years Everyone =) We have a couple of new polls up now which we have the Character and Team of the Month for February 2012 which you can vote for by visiting the following links. To nominate your favorite couples please visit the following lin K: Naruto Couples Nominations

Here’s some of the staff openings that are available now: Newsletter Team – This is the area we need the most help.

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