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For the future, if your nephew or others are likely to be using your machine, you might want to consider setting up something like Sandboxie All answers have been correct but they assume you have more than a moderate level of computer technical skills.Not saying anything against you but to "clean" a computer can be a long and tedious affair.

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Yes but those unwanted or embarrassing pics could land the OP in a whole load of trouble with a wife or partner if she happened across them.

Plus, they mentioned that the stuff was 'disturbing' which may mean it could also be illegal in certain regions.

If this is the case the consequences for the OP could be catastrophic should they ever wish to sell the computer or have it professionally repaired.

Even so called hard disk cleaners such as Windows Washer et al don't prevent someone with a law enforcement grade retrieval program scouring the hard drive for images.

Furthermore, the nephew concerned didn't necessarily have to save anything to disk for it to be there: most browsers cache everything from buttons and page elements to the images themselves and it can be impossible to locate them all.

I know all of this from having inherited a computer back in the Win95 days from a friend of a friend of a partner whose son turned out to be a serial porn addict.

In the end the only way I ever felt comfortable having it was to remove, destroy and replace the hard drive - not a cheap option back then, but the best solution for peace of mind.

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