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But then in yet another bizarre twist, instead of sending the case back to the Nova Scotia court for a re-trial, the Supreme Court ordered a stay of proceedings, determining that Nicole had suffered enough.Bottom line: Nicole Doucet can never be tried again for the crime.For the prosecution, the case was straight forward.

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In July 2013, Ian Mc Phail, who chairs the Commission, issued a damning report which came to a very different conclusion than the Supreme Court.

The report notes that Nicole Doucet’s statements about the failure of the RCMP to respond to her complaints of abuse “is without basis in fact and negatively impacts Ms.

At her trial in 2009, Nicole pleaded not guilty claiming that she had been under duress when she committed the crime.

She alleged that Mike Ryan was a violent and abusive husband; and that for nearly 15 years he threatened and bullied her.

Doucet’s credibility and reliability.” “We made that statement on the basis that Ms.

Doucet had repeatedly denied, not just to the RCMP, but to our investigator, to the undercover officer who she attempted to hire as a hit man that there was any physical abuse,” Mr. “The RCMP not only did their job, they actually…walked the second mile,” he added.She swore that he had pinned her up against the wall, squeezed her throat and had put a gun to her head.She also testified that she was afraid for her herself and for their young daughter, Aimee, adding that the RCMP had ignored her many pleas for protection. Chris Thibeaudeau sat through the trial, stunned at what he was hearing. Like we’re like dumbfounded basically,” he told W5 in an interview. Thibeaudeau was the RCMP authority on the file, but was not called to testify. And neither was the man Nicole portrayed as a monster, her ex-husband Mike Ryan, who was sitting in his car in a nearby parking lot outside the courthouse, waiting to be called as a witness.Therefore, Mike Ryan’s testimony was not required.” He added that the charge against Nicole’s father was dropped on “a legal technicality” which the Crown declined to explain.In 2011 the Crown appealed the acquittal to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. Nicole Ryan, a small town school teacher from Digby County, N. But rather than go for a divorce, she decided it would be more expedient to have her husband murdered. ” Nicole responds: “No.” She then tells the cop that she’d been planning the hit for the past seven months. With her husband out of the way, she stands to inherit three properties and his 0,000 military pension. Nicole drives to her home in Church Point to get photographs of her husband.

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