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In 1880, three major fires devastated the city, and in 1900 the great Ottawa-Hull Fire was one of the major tragedies in the city’s history.Over the following years, citizens were busy trying to rebuild their city.The new Pub du bon vivant, restaurant and bar in the Outaouais area is situated in the historic “Old –Hull” district of Gatineau, Quebec.

In 2013, the Pub du bon vivant opened its doors in this magnificent city with its unique history.

The Pub's logo of flames and matches was inspired by the history of old Hull. The Pub serves Sleeman products whose logo, "Notoriously Good," fits the Pub perfectly.

Besides launching the old city of Hull as the match capital of the world, the E. Ezra Butler Eddy was the main employer in the city because, along with his factory in downtown Hull, he also owned a number of sawmills and pulp and paper mills in the region.

Match production led to a series of disastrous fires that ravaged the municipality throughout the 19th century.

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