Evaluation of the rainn national sexual assault online hotline

Later we break into small groups to drill down into the word of God, applying scripture to our lives and supporting one another with encouragement and accountability.Offers outpatient substance abuse treatment, including individual, family, and group counseling.A drug or alcohol problem is not a death sentenceyou can get your life back and be the person you were meant to be.

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For the past three years, our faith-based recovery ministry has been helping individuals with addictions and difficult life events.

Sessions consist of general meeting in which we share prayer requests and recite prayers and scriptures.

Offers jobs to underemployed and unemployed individuals, job and life training, computer training, after school programs, GED classes and testing, free diaper and clothing bank, free 90-day medical equipment lending for youth and adult, drug and alcohol classes, parenting and youth counseling.

Recovery Now TV is a no cost consultation hotline that provides referrals to drug & alcohol treatment centers nationwide.

Please contact the service providers directly for information about any of the services listed.

Contact Southwest Network, Help [email protected] Network.org, only to report an incorrect listing or to suggest a resource that could be added to the directory. Offers a free 15 month faith-based residential recovery program for men and women, shelter and other assistance to victims of human trafficing, hunger relief program to single mothers and families living below the poverty level, affordable living for working single men and women, and a neighborhood revitilization program.

Provides information and resources to teach children about the law.

Created by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education with the specific goal of educating Arizona's youth, their parents, communities and schools to increase their knowledge about youth laws and to encourage law-abiding behavior.

Provides information and resources to assist with addictions issues.

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