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Check out some exciting options that we have in store for you.As one of the leading beach resorts of Chennai, we understand the importance of taking a refreshing break from the hectic work schedules.That's the kind of experience we wish to indulge you in when you visit Blue Bay Beach Resort. The spacious hall perfect for conducting business at Blue Bay Beach Resort allows you to do so in an appealing ambience. re looking for a professional space for a company conference, training seminar Imagine spending premium quality time with your loved ones in a beautiful scenic beach, amidst the hustle-bustle of the sea shore.

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Size chart collection Parking facilities are available at both the start and finish.

Buses will rotate between People’s Park and u Shaka Marine World from until .

At a Quellé, we want people to take a moment from their busy lives and interact with real people.

The East Coast Radio Discovery Big Walk offers time away from the hustle and bustle to spend time with a community of Durbanites, cheering us on with the sun on our faces.

We veer right up the first on ramp, turn left and take an immediate right to continue on Waterkant road.

Map Race numbers must be pinned to the front of a walker's outermost piece of clothing and must be clearly visible at all times.

If that is what you wish for, then we will provide you fully-furnished, highly luxurious and elegant rooms that will lead you to your private beach.

And our accommodations spell nothing other than class and extravagance.

With our strategic location at just 25 kilometers away from Chennai, we are your best tour companion.

Be it enjoying a cool splash at the pool or just lazing around collecting shells, there will be no shortage of calm tranquil around you.

Come together with your friends and family to enjoy the outdoors and let the real joy flow with a Quellé, as we are 100% for people.

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