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All living organisms on this planet are composed partially of carbon.

One of the plans is to encourage more students to take up Malay, Chinese as third language instead of the common choices- Japanese, French, German.

Incentives will be introduce to encourage the taking up of these languages.

However, I do not believe that the plan will carry out as smoothly as it is thought to be.

Though there are attractive incentives that encourages students to take up the languages and courses, yet it is an unknown figure to how many of such students will be determined enough to finish the course and apprehend the language learnt.

Josef had claimed that he had discovered the children outside his house as foundlings: Lisa at 9 months in 1993, Monika at 10 months in 1994, and Alexander at 15 months in 1997.

When the eldest daughter, Kerstin, became seriously ill, Josef acceded to Elisabeth's pleas to take her to a hospital, triggering a series of events that eventually led to their discovery.

Not only that, the Prime Minister mentioned the building of Singapore’s fourth university.

The idea was proposed due to the growing demand for university places in Singapore.

Besides that, there will be Regional Studies Programme introduced in a few secondary schools to learn more about our neighbouring countries.

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