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As most people will argue, the best part of being in love is the way that it makes you feel.

I happen to believe this line of thinking to be wrong, but most people believe this to be true. It's also about your partner, and what he or she believes your love is.

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Cool, cool, you'll just hang out and watch their love blossom. If true love is dead, how are you supposed to resurrect it?

Does anyone know where the law stands re: marrying inanimate objects?

And you send test text messages to your friends to make sure your phone is working.

(It is.)Your One True Pairing is the movie or TV couple you think embodies true love.

A person's life experiences and beliefs are going to be different from anyone else's. As long as there's a tomorrow, there is a chance at new love.

Given this fact, it should be no surprise that the love people have for each other is not always going to be equal. The last thing that you need in your life is to waste your time pursuing someone who gave up on you. But your ex sure as hell don’t deserve your love, either. For More Of His Thoughts And Ramblings, Follow Paul Hudson On Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram.Silence is probably the best response, but you can imagine filling the screen with middle finger emojis, if you like.It was like the entire thing was one long movie montage illustrating how perfect your friendships are. You can all move to a commune and just complete each other.If you have separate ideas about the relationship, the love you share will always be different for each of you.Do we ever love another in the same way that person loves us? The thoughts that we have about a person are unique.But just as love brings us beauty, it also has the ability to bring the dark, cold and ugly. That’s why staying in love is so difficult; it requires two separate and different people to function as one single unit.

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