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Part is the direct involvement of parents with homework and difficult problems, and part is these parents’ attitudes to learning.

Familial expectations are the main motivating factors for Chinese pupils.

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More than 65% of pupils get up between 6am to am and go to bed between 10pm to pm.

But the key question being asked by many in the UK and elsewhere is whether more learning time at school translate into better pupil attainment. Simply increasing the number of teaching hours, shortening the school holidays, and copying East Asian educational experiences cannot improve pupil performance.

Primary school starts at age six for pupils in China.

In the country’s mega-cities, like Beijing and Shanghai, pupils go to school from 8am to 3pm with an hour and a half for lunch.

Education has always been considered the most important path to success in Chinese culture.

Parents recognise achievements in core subjects, which include maths, Chinese and English at secondary school level, are vital for success in the new society.But in most areas around the country, there’s a break from school for lunch and, often, a lunch-time nap at home.In secondary school, the competitive pressure mounts to get into top high schools, considered as stepping stones to the famous universities.Chinese pupils get around four weeks off in winter, and seven weeks in summer, including weekends and all kinds of traditional festivals.That’s a total of 175 days off, 37 days fewer than UK pupils.According to a recent survey, pupils in cities are facing problems of sleep deprivation.

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