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Michael passed away of cancer at the age of 22 in October 2011.Gearbox also posted a eulogy for him online voiced by his favorite character, Claptrap.

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The rewards aren't significant, they add nothing to the story and they get repetitive and boring after a few hours.

I would've liked to see, maybe, a lengthier story and less random side-quests.

However, not everyone of us had the chance to play the game like that and, if multi-player wasn't an option, you were left with what was a pretty bland FPS-RPG hybrid.

Borderlands 2 made noticeable improvements in terms of gameplay and presentation. The original Borderlands still tried to retain a gloomy, somber feel that it never quite achieved.

If you have 3 bros you can constantly play with, it's gonna be ten times better.

Exclusively as a single-player game, it's not the best game ever but it's definitely entertaining and more robust than its predecessor.

This time around, every character you talk to is absolutely hilarious. In terms of the actual game, the addition of a mini-map to replace the first game's clunky waypoint-compass system is a simple yet incredible improvement.

Missions and side-missions are now very easy to pick up and turn in through MMO-style markers on the map, as opposite to Claptrap just telling you someone has a quest for you and you having to spend 30 minutes looking for the quest-giver.

However, towards the end of the game, the narrative is pretty climatic, you know a plot-twist is about to hit you in the face and suddenly a bunch of side-missions markers pop up on your map.

I'm all for content and playtime, but cramping a bunch of random secondary missions just because?

The simple way to fix this was to add an instant recall item, like the hearthstone in World of Warcraft or the town portal in Diablo 2. My second problem is that a lot of the side-missions just seem to not belong there.

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