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The original phony complaint by the Harris County Medical Association is that Bauman was practicing medicine. The Houston Chronicle quotes the Inspector General of the Human Services Department of Texas calling Adult Protective Services "dysfunctional".

The licensing board took this phony complaint and used it as an opportunity to create additional phony complaints. The events that are the subject of these lawsuits occurred between April, 2001 and March, 2003 except for the final lawsuit (Bauman vs. centers around a Medicaid Fraud Control audit of Medicare provider David Bauman which began in April of 2001.

John Cornyn either trained or directed the auditors.

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(Bauman received a letter addressed to David Bauman LCSW/N. from the National Director of Medicare Program Integrity thanking him for his interest in the Medicare program.) Application to certain persons providing nutritional advice.

This subtitle does not prohibit a person from giving advice regarding the use and role of food and food ingredients including dietary supplements. Social workers should have a knowledge base of their client's culture and be able to demonstrate competence in the provision of services that are sensitive to their clients' cultures and to differences among people and cultural groups Bauman in Bauman vs. alleges abuse of Hispanics by auditors from the Office of the Attorney General and from at least one inspector from the Human Services Department.

FROM DSHEA 94-(1) Improving the health status of U. citizens ranks at the top of the priorities of the Federal government (2) The importance of nutrition and the benefits of dietary supplements for health promotion and disease prevention has been documented increasingly in scientific studies. Promotion of good health and healthy lifestyles improves and extends life while reducing health care expenditures. Reduction in health care expenditures is of paramount importance to the future of the country and the economic well being of the country. Studies indicate that consumers are placing increased reliance on the use of nontraditional healthcare providers to avoid the excessive costs of traditional medical services and to obtain a more holistic consideration of their needsand-role-of-food-and-food-ingredients-including dietary-supplements.(b)-Subtitle-(a)-does-not- authorize-a-person-to-(1)-practice-medicine-or-(2) state-in-violation-of-state-law-that-a-product-might cure-a-disease,-disorder-or-condition.-Effective September-1-1999. Licensed-Clinical-Social-Worker-Occupational Definition-708.2-Restore-or-enhance-social, psychosocial,or-biopsychosocial-functioning-for-those who-are-impaired-by-social,-psychosocial-stress,-or health-impairment Background to 8 lawsuits filed by David Bauman in State and Federal Court.

Clinical research has shown that several chronic diseases can be prevented with a healthful diet that is low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium with a high percentage of plant based foods. Healthful diets may mitigate the need for expensive medical procedures such as coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty. Preventive measures including education, good nutrition, and the appropriate use of safe nutritional supplements will limit the incidence of chronic diseases and reduce long term health care expenditures.6(a).

Bauman received documents from the Health and Human Services Department (in Washington D.

C.) which showed that out of 6000 plus counseling sessions conducted in Starr and Hidalgo Counties from April of 1999 to March of 2002 only 3 were disputed by his patients.

Because of Bauman's complaint to the FBI about the licensing board three members are forced to resign. al with 110 documented civil rights violations to the Chief Medicare investigator for Texas, Rodney Boyle's licensing board (Texas Bar Association), and the FBI. In late August of 2004 Bauman sends a copy of a lawsuit detailing the abuse of Hispanics to State Senator Hinojosa and Congressman Hinojosa in Mc Allen.

Bauman turned his license in under threat of a hearing from an administrative judge (ie an attorney who is employed part-time as a judge for the state of Texas). Bauman files complaints with Attorney General's Office 2001, Adult Protective Services-Hidalgo County 2002, Chief Medicare Investigator for Texas 2002, FBI 2003. About 4 months after notifying the FBI and just prior to filing Bauman vs. About 5-6 weeks later The Houston Chronicle reports the firing of 2 senior Human Services Department officials-Bauman believes the head of Adult Protective Services and the Ombudsman.

(b) Subtitle (a) does not authorize a person to (1) practice medicine or (2) state in violation of state law that a product might cure a disease, disorder, or condition. (See Below) Hidalgo County -( including Mc Allen), Texas and Starr County, Texas In 2009 Bauman received a report from the FBI releasing to Bauman 268 documents that they had reviewed.

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