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So how do you start meeting single men and women in the U. QUESTIONS have been raised as to whether armed police officers patrolling the centre of Oxford are becoming the 'norm' and if they present a comfort or danger to the public.

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A poll conducted by the Oxford Mail revealed that 51 per cent of readers surveyed said seeing armed police makes them feel reassured, whereas 28 per cent said it was 'unsettling' and makes them more nervous.

The remainder, 21 per cent, said they hardly notice they are there.

"The country is currently at a severe threat level with regard to international terrorism which means that an attack is highly likely.

War is a state of armed conflict between states or societies.

It is generally characterized by extreme aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces. Warfare refers to the common activities and characteristics of types of war, or of wars in general.

Total war is warfare that is not restricted to purely legitimate military targets, and can result in massive civilian or other non-combatant suffering and casualties.Thames Valley Police spokeswoman Hannah Jones said: "Members of the public may notice armed officers on patrol during the festive period."Specially-trained armed officers regularly patrol busy areas as part of our ongoing operations to help protect the security of our communities.Supporting soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world, our primary aim is to boost the morale of serving members of the Army, Navy and RAF at home and abroad to actively engage the civilian population with those bravely fighting on our behalf....Would you like to meet exciting single Army men and women who protect us every day?She said: "It remains inappropriate to normalise the idea of policemen on the beat - who are there to help and reassure the public - carrying a gun.

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