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There’s also a citywide festival every year called Summer of Antwerp.They open two summer bars and have concerts, circuses, and theater by the river, and sometimes you find giant puppet-style figures walking around town.There are a lot of young people doing creative things.

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It will appeal to all who are seeking alternatives to mainstream agendas in social and educational policy, including educators and students in philosophy, the social sciences, educational psychology, environmentalism and arts practice.

As a biological, cultural, and social entity, the human fetus is a multifaceted subject which calls for equally diverse perspectives to fully understand.

Education, he contends, is not the transmission of authorised knowledge from one generation to the next but a way of attending to things, opening up paths of growth and discovery.

What does this mean for the ways we think about study and the school, teaching and learning, and the freedoms they exemplify?

For an aperitivo drink or late night after going out, everyone ends up at Vitrin.

You always see familiar faces and a lot of fashion people go there.

How culture is incorporated into individuals' lives is a problem that has plagued the social sciences for centuries.

This book examines the insights offered by approaching the question using a cognitive theory of culture.

“Designing bags is about more than aesthetics – quality and function are essential,” says the flourishing young Antwerp designer, Annelies Timmermans, “The challenge is to find the perfect balance between these things.” Already well known in Belgium for her everyday bags, the six-foot-tall, flaxen-haired designer combines Northern European utility with Italian luxury craftsmanship and materials.

With a new shop in an Art Nouveau-style storefront on the Ijzerenwaag strip, Timmermans has established herself in the fashion and design scene of Antwerp.

At night, Bar Chine serves small plates of contemporary Chinese cuisine, and it’s very easy-going.

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